IAME Manufacturer

IAME Manufacturer

IAME is the world leader in Karting engines. After attaining nearly 50 years of history, 55 employees, over 30 models of engines from 60cc to 175cc and a worldwide network, IAME is undoubtedly the most renowned and trusted brand in its field. Motorsports’ most famous drivers began their careers in Karting, and IAME is the brand that led them to success.
IAME is dynamic and flexible, offering modern products and superb service.

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IAME X30 Super 175cc RL



The X30 SUPER combines the advanced technology of the award-winning Reedster KF class engine, with the practical solutions and reliability of the X30 platform. Its’ main feature is the new and impressive 175cc format, that allows a maximum torque of 26 Nm and 43 H.P., without requiring the adoption of an exhaust power valve. The X30 Super will satisfy the most demanding and talented drivers around the world!

IAME X30 Super Shifter 175cc RL




The X30 Super Shifter is the natural evolution of the X30 Shifter, providing the ultimate driving experience by showcasing a displacement of 175cc. The ideal solution for all drivers wishing to race a shifter engine at the highest level of competition with the benefits of an electric starter.  The X30 Super Shifter combines the performance of the very best KZ engines with the typical features required in single engine classes: equal performance, reliability, consistency and ease of use