Vortex Manufacturer

Vortex Manufacturer

Vortex, OTK Kart Group’s Engine Division, designs, manufactures and develops kart racing engines. Born in 1994, since the beginning it collects numerous successes in the most important races. The first world title comes in 1996, and today we count 17 World Cups won in the different categories.

Vortex’ production is divided between RACING top class engines for international competitions, and ROK engines granting high performance and reliability, designed for the Rok Cup, the one-make series by Vortex spread across the globe, which allows all drivers to test themselves and grow in the world of karting.

Processes, care and research for performance and quality are the same for both product lines. The distinctive strength of the Italian factory is its competence to manage the engine production in every aspect: from design to development, everything is carried out inside the factory, from start to finish.

Vortex in fact, in the new headquarters of Pavia installed in 2012, hosts a technical office (employing 2D and 3D software), a production department (equipped with CNC machining - five, four, three axes) and a specific quality control division, which analysis each component to be measured with an instrumental precision instrument up to a tenth of a millimetre.

Vortex’ flagship is the ceaseless activity of its own R&D department that, other than taking advantage of the test benches of the company, also benefits from the support of the official racing teams, Tony Kart Racing Team and Kosmic Racing Department.

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35 - STARTER 50589


36 - SCREW 6X30


39 - SCREW 6X40


40 - SCREW 6X50


03 - Nut M7


06 - O-ring head


07 - Cylinder 50cc